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Solusitan Fat Binding Complex

Solusitan® Fat Binding Complex is the key effective ingredient in Lineatabs®. Solusitan® is an exclusive, all-natural, soluble dietary fiber blend of enriched Poly-D-Glucosamine. Enriched Poly-D-Glucosamine has a strong positive (+) magnetic charge, while fat molecules are negatively (-) loaded. The positively-loaded Solusitan® binds the negatively-charged fat molecules in exactly the same way as a sponge absorbs water. The result of the fat binding is a large liquid mass, which the body cannot absorb, being then eliminated in a completely natural way through the body's digestive tract.*

Solusitan® is an enriched Poly-D-Glucosamine complex that is derived from an all-natural source—a polysaccharide extracted from recycled crab and shrimp shells— and combined with key ingredients for maximum efficacy. Enriched Poly-D-Glucosamine is a natural dietary fiber that binds to fat molecules before they are metabolised. Solusitan® Poly-D-Glucosamine Complex traps fat molecules and prevent their absorption in the digestive tract.* This means that Solusitan® binds an important part of the fat naturally found in food before it can be absorbed into the bloodstream.*

While there are other ingredients available with similar efficacy claims, our highly effective Lineatabs® ingredient blend and manufacturing process is so unique that is was awarded an exclusive European patent (#WO/2004/019702), with USA and Worldwide patents pending.

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Solusitan fat binding complex

Laboratory testing demonstrates the fat-binding properties of Solusitan®

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Lineatabs® is the ONLY effervescent beverage tablet that
contains the exclusive Solusitan® Poly-D-Glucosamine
Complex. Because Lineatabs® is a best-selling healthy
lifestyle product in several regions of Europe, it is understandable that others might try to imitate
the product. If the label doesn't say Lineatabs®, then the product does not contain Solusitan®,
and is therefore highly unlikely to offer the same level of safety and efficacy.


Clinical trial compares efficacy of Solusitan® to competing ingredients.

In order to certify the fat binding ability of all kinds of Poly-D-Glucosamine and chitosan in general and our Solusitan® Enriched Poly-D-Glucosamine blend specifically, Lineatabs® requested an independent laboratory to test some of the various existing kinds of Poly-D-Glucosamine and high quality chitosan ingredients. We want to emphasize that we have compared our Solusitan® blend to the best and most popular chitosans and similar ingredient products in market at this present time (Absorbitol Plus®, high quality pure chitosan and others).

The purpose of this study was to determine the fat-binding capacity of our Solusitan® Enriched Poly-D-Glucosamine blend in comparison to Absorbitol Plus®, a high quality pure chitosan and other basic chitosan products that are found in many dietary supplements that are designed for fat and triglycerides reduction.

The study methodology has been developed by the Seafood Laboratory of Oregon University (USA) and modified by Dr. Meler. (Department of Applied Pharmacy, University of Medicine, 50 139 Wroclaw, Poland). Poly-D-Glucosamine eminence Dr. Krotkiewski was also involved in study supervision and direction. The method is using the subtraction of the amount of fat bound to chitosan (and/or present in the loose form in the chitosan emulsion and fiber net) from the initial amount of oil added to the system.

The results of the fat-binding ability of all studied enriched Poly-D-Glucosamine and chitosan-based ingredients can be compared in the graphic below. It is clearly seen that Solusitan® provided the best fat binding capacity absorbing 31.22 g of oil per each gram of Enriched Poly-D-Glucosamine —without interfering in the absorption of the essential minerals and vitamins that the body needs. None of the other studied Poly-D-Glucosamin blends or chitosan-based products offered such spectacular results.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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